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The Carvel name continues to make headlines after over 75 years in the business. People love the brand, and they love talking about it.  

Carvel and Hollywood
Carvel ice cream has been immortalized by some of Hollywood’s biggest names. It was the highlight of Kelly Ripa’s birthday, and fulfilled a wish in an episode of HBO’s The Sopranos.  It even helped launch Oprah Winfrey’s talk show career. Carvel brought joy to Homer and Marge Simpson’s “whale of a wedding,” while also being immortalized by David Letterman, The Smithsonian Institute and the Guinness Book of World Records.  

The most delicious and popular of all American comfort foods has taken on a celebrity status all its own. As a matter of fact, Carvel has been mentioned on:

  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • King of Queens
  • LIVE w/ Regis and Kelly
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The CBS Early Show
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • The Family Guy
  • The Office
  • The Simpsons
  • The Sopranos

It has an amazing impact on pop culture:

  • The Beastie Boys recorded a song entitled “Cookie Puss”
  • Tom Carvel was Oprah’s first talk show interview in October 1978 on Baltimore’s WJZ-TV 13
  • Holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Ice Cream Scoop Pyramid and Largest Ice Cream Cake
  • The American History Museum of the Smithsonian Institute has a section of “Carvel History and Memorabilia”
  • Travel Channel chose Carvel as the “Best Ice Cream Cake” – March 2004

And, you wouldn’t believe Tom Carvel’s past:

  • Tom Carvel played golf with Jackie Gleason and actually set up an account at a local Carvel for Jackie to get free ice cream anytime.
  • Tom also played golf with Bob Hope and made him birthday cakes.
  • Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were also good friends with Tom.
  • A letter of sympathy from President Richard Nixon was sent to Agnes Carvel on Tom’s passing in 1990.

6 Responses

  1. Hello Carvel family!
    David,Daniel,Rhoda,& George Forstrom had owned 3 Carvel Ice Cream Supermarkets in Fairfield County Connecticut from 1976 – 1996-7.
    I miss owning and working for this great company! Carvel Corp was a family company for my family and all our custumers!
    Our stores we located Carvel Ice cream Store # 1624 in Bridgeport,Ct. 06611, Carvel Ice Cream store # 2107 in Darien,Ct. and Carvel Ice store # 1533 in Trumbull,Ct.
    Dan & I (David) are Idenital twins just (6) minutes a part!
    Mom & Dad (George & Rhoda) Forstrom were our loving parents and I know of many custumers thought we were family to them also – Carvel Corporation was a family to all their franchisors too – it was a unique time for all of us.
    love and God’s blessings to all!
    David Forstrom
    Trumbull,Ct. 06611

  2. Thanks so much for getting in touch, David! Carvel is, indeed, a great family! And we are thankful to families like your own who helped to shape us into what we are today.

    Hope you are all doing well & that you’ll visit us at one of our shoppes soon to relive the memories:)

  3. Episode 42 of the Ken PD Snydecast was ALL about Carvel and Cookie Puss. The first 12 minutes are unrelated, but from there, it’s all Carvel talk. I learned about Carvel through that and now I get a Cookie Puss every chance I get. Cookie Puss is my favorite cake from Carvel.

  4. how late is carvel open until in Carle Place,NY or if the same times every where just how late?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Hours vary by location and season, so your best bet is to call the shoppe directly. The phone # for our Carle Place location is: (516) 333-1349.


      Ashley Swann

  5. The Ca revel Store on Hicksville Rd. Massapequa,N.Y. Owned by Zaya Givargidze is the best ……..

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