Carvel Introduces New Cookie Trio Promotion Featuring Oreo®, Nilla® Wafers and Nutter Butter® Cookies

ATLANTA, GA (April 4, 2011) – What’s better than Carvel ice cream? How about Carvel ice cream combined with Oreo®, Nilla® Wafers or Nutter Butter® cookies? America’s oldest retail ice cream franchise is proud to be partnering with three of the most popular and admired flavors of all time to present an explosion of taste unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

Headlining our promotion are three Cookie Trio Sundae Dashers® featuring Carvel’s premium hand dipped ice cream combined with layer upon layer of delicious cookie toppings. It’s like milk and cookies, only better! Choose from Oreo® cookies blended with vanilla ice cream and fudge, the always-delicious Nutter Butter® peanut butter ice cream infused with chunks of Nutter Butter® cookies and peanut butter topping, or the favorite treat of your childhood, Nilla® Wafers with banana ice cream blended with marshmallow. Topped with whipped cream, it simply doesn’t get more delicious than this!

“When it comes to cookies, everyone loves Oreo®, Nilla® Wafers and Nutter Butter®,” says Vice President of Marketing Lori Peterson. “We at Carvel pride ourselves as being the place for all things delicious, so it just made sense to partner with these great American brands to bring our Guests something unlike anything they’ve ever had before. It’s certainly hard to pick a favorite!”

Carvel’s Cookie Trio promotion is in shoppes now for a limited time only.

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