Carvel Thanks NBC’s 30 Rock with a Show-Themed Cake

ATLANTA, GA (October 28, 2010)Proving that even Fudgie the Whale and Cookie Puss know a good joke when they hear it, legendary ice cream company Carvel presented the writers of NBC’s 30 Rock with a show-themed cake this week.  Carvel was a huge part of last Thursday’s storyline in which Jenna received a Carvel Black Card and devised a plot with Kenneth to exchange free cakes she purposely had misspelled for cash.  Even though Carvel was the butt of the joke, the company thought the entire storyline was hilarious.  So, the corporate team joined in the fun by presenting the cast and crew with a cake that read, “Tank You 36 Rock!  From Your Frinds at Carvel.”

Along with the cake, a note from Carvel President Gary Bales recommended the cast not try to return the creation for cash.  “The storyline was hysterical,” says Bales, “We were both flattered and amused that the writers of 30 Rock chose to include us.  From Kenneth’s line about Cookie Puss tearing them apart with his fangs to Kelsey Grammer’s involvement in the scheme, it had all of us laughing.  We at Carvel pride ourselves on bringing smiles to people’s faces, and this show certainly brought the same to us.”

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