Carvel Responds to Dina Lohan Complaint

ATLANTA, GA (June 17, 2010) – As part of Carvel’s 75th Anniversary celebration last year, we issued 75 Black Cards to 75 celebrities. Each card was issued in the celebrity’s name and required the card holder to be present at the time of use. Many celebrities have enjoyed their cards at our Carvel Ice Cream shops and have shared their excitement with being included in the celebration.

Unfortunately, the Lohan family has been abusing the card. While the card was issued in Lindsay and Ali’s names only, their extended family has repeatedly used the card without either present. At first, we graciously honored their requests while explaining that the Black Card was not a carte blanche for unlimited Carvel Ice Cream for the extended Lohan family and friends. After more than six months of numerous and large orders for ice cream, we finally had to cut off the card and take it back. Dina Lohan reacted unfavorably and called the police to have her card returned. The police responded and did return the card to Dina with instructions not to use it again.

This is an unfortunate situation where certain people feel entitled to use a celebrity’s name for their own purposes. We regret that the Lohan family is upset and hope this matter is put behind us quickly.

-Ashley Swann, Carvel Public Relations Manager

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106 Responses

  1. why give the black card to celebs? they can pay for all of the ice cream they want! i love Carvel, and would like that card. Guess being a mom isn’t enough for them

    • No, spewing out kids is not reason enough for you to get free ice cream for life.

      • LOL and ITA. Just because you choose to breed, especially while broke, doesn’t mean you’re any more entitled to free stuff than anybody else.

      • Ha! Well done, sir.

      • Good stuff Andrew

      • Da’s right, da’s right, ya gots ta be famous. But, hey, waitaminute, where’s the Octomom, Nadya Suleman? Now, SHE would kill both birds with one card!

    • I think the idea is to get celebrities into the stores so that more customers will go to the stores. Maybe?

      • The idea is to get free publicity. Celebs will be photograohed entering or exitring Carvel, eating Carvel ice cream, etc.

    • seriously…stars make enough money to buy their own ice cream cake…why aren’t we giving the freebies to those in need…only thing any of the lohan’s need is a good kick in the a$$. Seriously Dina — buy your own damned cake — they cost $30.00.

  2. You should give black cards to the general population. A lot of us hard working people would love to have free ice cream for 75 years!

    • Yes, that’s what Americans need-free ice cream for life. As if we’re not fat enough. $20 says anyone that would want a free ice cream for life card is a fatty.

    • Celebs have more social currency than hard working people at this point in our American lives. Maybe Carvel has a frequent shopper program for you to join?

      But I do have a question — why exactly would Carvel bestow a black card on Ali Lohan?

      She has not entertained the world like Michael Jackson, she cannot act with the skill and talent of Dakota Fanning — she has done nothing to merit the celebrity status that her intelligent and refined mother demands.

      So Carvel, I must ask what is up with that?

    • And what would be the marketing perk in that? They are running a business after all.

  3. I have a suggestion…since you now have one extra Black Card floating about, why not have a national sweepstakes with the card as first prize? Same stipulations for use (cardholder must make a personal appearance; $25 per week limit) and same “celebrity” treatment (i.e., hire a paparazzi for the winner’s first post-prize visit). In this economy, giving a civilian a shot at a celebrity perk would be good business and awesome public relations. Create a Carvel Celeb!

    • Great idea!!!

    • I agree. That’s a great idea.
      I don’t agree with others that carvel should just give cards to customers – they do have to stay in business. But a sweepstakes for this one card is perfect.

  4. Ashley Swann, I would take your hand in marriage right now. I mean this is the absolutely most fantastic thing I have ever read. You are a super star who should be promoted ASAP. Someone needs to put these stupid people on blast. Dina Lohan is an entitled snob. Us “regular” people who used to pay to see her addicted daughter – made her rich. What, she can’t afford cake?

    I read this on and just about died with laughter. Good for you. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. This is how it’s done. Carvel isn’t a bunch of pushovers, and you’ve just won A LOT of business!

  5. This is the most awesome thing ever. Glad Carvel posted this. The respect I lost for you by giving a card to Lindsey Lohan in the first place is somewhat tempered by this action.

  6. This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

    Thank you so much for calling these people out on their gross abuse the card and their misplace sense of entitlement.

    I will be going out and buying a Carvel ice cream cake in celebration!!!

    • i completely agree… seriously the mother appears void of self respect and gratitude. kudos to the carvels employee that had it and took the card back !!
      it took some nerve for dina lohan to call the police…theres no argument she was free loading off her daughter. weird…

  7. Just wanted to say thank you.

  8. you so did the right thing! thank you for having the backbone to behave appropriately.

  9. […] Fudgie the Whale has responded and he’s sick of being emotionally, financially and physically abused by the Lohans. […]

  10. I want free ice cream for the next 75 years.

  11. Words cannot express how awesome I think Carvel is for calling Dina out.

    Perhaps she should spend more time worrying about her daughter’s health instead of focusing all of her energy on obtaining a Carvel cake (which, I agree, are very delicious but certainly not worthy of police involvement).

    Since you have revoked the card, please consider donating a new one to someone more deserving or– better yet– give out free scoops to troops coming back to the U.S.
    Show those Lohans that there are people who appreciate ONE freebie– AND DON’T THINK TO ABUSE IT.

  12. Good job! I appreciate that you will not be beholden to the mothers of washed up, drugged out trash. Your only fault was in giving the Lohans a card in the first place.
    This attention has now made me realize that there are Carvels in Michigan, so I see a roadtrip in my future.
    This is very positive attention for your company, and I believe (and hope) business increases.

  13. […] Carvel has responded to Mama Lohan’s complaint and put the response on their website for all to see! As part of Carvel’s 75th Anniversary celebration last year, we issued 75 Black Cards to […]

  14. Ha ha ha! Hilarious!

    “Ma’am, step away from the ice cream.”

  15. I am sure Dina Lohan thought this whole issue would hurt Carvel’s business, but she was WRONG. YAY CARVEL for putting the Lohans in their place and cutting them off.

  16. I think it would be so much better to see Carvel giving these cards to deserving people who have “made a difference” or done something helpful for society / others (but don’t have lots of money for ice cream)…

    … but if that can’t be so, this is pretty awesome.

  17. WAY TO GO !!! I am very impressed that you didn`t allow people to take advantage of your generosity!!
    White Oprah is really delusional…she should have to pay a tax for her unnecesary call to the police.

  18. OK, it’s pretty disgusting that Carvel gave out these cards to freaking celebrities, who are the last people on earth who deserve more FREE STUFF. I’m not even sure how Lindsay Lohan got one since everyone knows she’s a hasbeen who lives off of crack rocks anyway, soo….Carvel should have celebrated their 75th anniversary by, I don’t know, giving away a limited number of those cards to the general population?!?! That just might have been a better decision for your business. While Carvel does suck for sucking up to celebs, I’m willing to forgive them if they continue to hold their ground against the Lohan family. The Lohans are the most disgusting people in Hollywood. They are so entitled and blame all of their self-inflicted problems on EVERYONE ELSE. So please Carvel, just keep telling the Lohans to eff off and you might just find your sales going up in the next few days. Or else I might just have to go to Baskin Robbins! Or Dairy Queen.

  19. Carvel, I did not think it was possible to love you more, but I do. And shame on that whole disgusting family!

  20. I understand why the Marketing gurus behind this black card idea did it–drawing celebs into Carvel would generate publicity and ramp up business–but honestly, Lindsay Lohan? Really? No one saw this coming? And everyone wonders why “celebrities” and their entourages have such a sense of entitlement…

  21. […] Carvel has issued a statement and have cut off the Lohans from their Black Card privileges: As part of Carvel’s 75th […]

  22. Shame on you Carvel. That is what you get for giving a free card to the LOHAN FAMILY!!

    Not a smart move on your part. How about giving a crad to families who deserve it??

    Have a contest, a random drawing..something. It’s not the 50’s anymore where celebrities are held high and glamorized. With the interenet and papparazzi, majority of celebrites are now a laughing stalk to society.

  23. BTW, i love your ice cream cakes :)

  24. Do not question the wisdom of Fudgie The Whale

  25. Lindsey Lohan is NOT a celebrity, but a confused young woman with too many issues to count. Her poor decisions (and poor parenting) will ruin any career she ever had.

  26. […] has since released a statement on their blog, addressing the matter: As part of Carvel’s 75th Anniversary celebration last year, we issued 75 […]

  27. I applaud your employee for standing up to Mrs. Lohan, however the fact that you issued these cards to celebrities really sucks. Sure, free publicity when one of them walks in for a cone or a cake… but why not also issue cards to the people who keep you in business day in and day out? Give us a contest & award free ice cream to someone who deserves it–a customer who walked in, made a purchase, & participated at a store. It doesn’t necessarily look good, all these celebrity black cards.

  28. […] has since released a statement on their blog, addressing the matter: As part of Carvel’s 75th Anniversary celebration last year, we issued 75 […]

  29. Awesome response to Dina Lohan, but it would be nice to see some black cards going to just plain folks.

  30. I don’t think there’s any way to really say for sure who is right and who is wrong. Carvel tried to do something fun for some celebrities. Dina Lohan tried to get some free ice cream because she gave birth to two of the celebrities Carvel thought it would be a good idea to give some free ice cream. A failure to rule out having a family member or a flunky use the card right away created the opportunity for a scandal.

    The fact that the Lohan family is dysfunctional, perpetually at war with itself, and flat out full of crazy people should have come up in a meeting somewhere.

    I adore Lindsay; I just wish she could overcome her troubles.

  31. hilarious!! The Lohans should know better than that.. what a ridiculous thing to take advantage of. I agree with others that the cards shouldn’t have gone to celebrity status people, but to ‘regular’ people instead. If someone I knew had a ‘black card’ which gave them free ice cream for the foreseeable future, I’m sure they’d be extremely happy. To celebrities, who get things for free all the time, why would they even care?

  32. @ Belle
    THAT is a GREAT idea.

  33. Celebrities get all sorts of free stuff because they are always getting photographed with word spread around about where they are, what they are wearing, or doing. “So & so was wearing ___, shopping in ___.” “So & so was eating at ____”. It’s an advertising type tool, but the point is for THE CELEBRITY to be there. So yeah. They had every right to take it back.

  34. I can understand not giving the card to the population in general. How else are you going to make money? And having celebs come to your store would be good advertising. But I think rather than celebs, you should have given the cards to the families of soldiers who are/have served in the Middle East. It would be FAR better PR than celebs who can already afford all the ice cream they want.

  35. I agree with Belle – give to the people who do support you and keep you in business – the general public! These so called “celebrities” have plenty of cash to purchase at your store – the great people of Long Island deserve an opportunity to get some of these benefits too, and I don’t even live in Long Island due to the ridiculous taxes out there! Give back to your customers and take that card away from them forever, neither Lindsay or Ali deserved it in the first place!

  36. Kudos to Carvel for calling Dina Lohan out for what she is doing, although I question Carvel’s judgement for giving Lindsey the card to begin with.

  37. […] Carvel issued a statement calling out Dina for cashing in on her daughter’s celebrity status: As part of Carvel’s […]

  38. […] Dina Lohan’s feud with a Carvel Ice Cream store yesterday? Carvel has issued a statement accusing the Lohan family of abusing their “black” card, which does provide 75 years of […]

  39. “You so did the right thing”


    No. Not at all. You so did the wrong thing by favoring 75 celebrities in the first place. Taking one card away, whilst 74 are still out there, is a joke. One more example of the poor paying while the rich get a free ride.

    Knowing that the money I spend at Carvel is being used – even in some small way – to reward a celebutard like Lindsay Lohan, much less her low-end family, does not make me want to run to Carvel and buy ice cream. Instead, it makes me want to stay as far away from their stores as I can get.

    • As much as I love that they put the brakes on the Lohan family. I have to agree with this post. The mere thought of somone who is making millions a year getting more free stuff (let’s admit it, basically for life) is absolutely a bad move on Carval’s part.

      I agree with giving the cards to Soldiers or I had even thought to give the cards out to children who have cancer, leukemia or something like that. I think a small child and their family would enjoy receiving a card for free ice cream and they can enjoy it when they want and it would take away (even if for an hour) that they are dealing with a horrible disease. Heck, I don’t know — anything but to celebrities who already get everything free and need nothing for free.

      P.S — In my opinion the only thing worse that finding out about the “celebrity” black card would be finding out that they gave one to Kate Gosselin too….now that would (all pun intended) take the cake.

    • Just curious… Do you take the same approach with every company out there that pays a celebrity to endorse their products in commercials and advertising? Because this is pretty much the same thing, just a different way of going about it. You can be pretty certain, after all, that anyone endorsing a product is getting a fair amount of swag as part of the deal. Anyway, here’s to consistency.

    • I guess you folks aren’t in business. If Carvel gave a card to some ordinary Joe, then Joe would get thousands of dollars of free product with no return on investment for Carvel.

      If Brittney or Gaga or someone struts into a Carvel weekly or monthly and is photographed (even if it’s post-party pantyless Lohan/Hilton ice cream munchie visits) – a couple of paparazzi photos showing Lindsey getting a Cookiepuss would make that Black Card givaway a positive promotion, a positive return on investment.

  40. I feel this whole idea is a great marketing tool, however, why not issue the card to people who are worthy of somthing nice and who can help promote a postitive image for your company. Spoiled celebs can afford their own treats!

  41. I had never heard of Carvel until this incident. Way to go!

    You can guarantee I will try Carvel this week!

  42. Finally a PR person has enough of a spine to call it out as it is! Loooove it!

    And the idea as posted by ‘Belle’ is a fantastic one! Carvel Corp. take note…you have such a great opportunity to make a positive media spin out of a negative situation.

  43. Wow! Talk about taking advantage! Nice gesture but celebs can afford ice cream and lots more.How about us old birds who have paid for our Carvel for a bazillion years and now have to budget for it in retirement(lets see, blood pressure meds or a great sunday?).
    I promise not to share!LOL
    Not one teeny, weeny bite!LOL Won’t even tell if you ask me not to.LOL
    Ok, off to have some ice cream daydreams.

  44. […] Source: Page 6, CarvelIceCreamNewsroom […]

  45. “Nice gesture but celebs can afford ice cream and lots more.”

    Well, that’s not really true. People assume celebrities have “ready cash” available at all times, but the fact of the matter is, ready cash is rare for a celebrity and they have to rely on freebies and people who pick up the tab for them. Money mismanagement and a lack of attention to detail are the usual culprits; in the case of the Lohan family, spending everything your teenage daughter made when you were forcing her into movies also helps explain why someone is having a public fit about $25 worth of frozen milk and sugar.

  46. to be fair, one of the card’s requirements is that the celebrity be present to use it. The trade for free ice cream is free publicity. The fact that Dina Lohan and co.have been abusing the requirements breaks the contract for its use. Carvel did the right thing by asserting its right to control the use of the card it issued. Play by the rules or go home hungry.

    Dina Lohan is not a celebrity. No one wants to see her buy, let alone eat, ice cream. However, the publicity around this is now worth 100 D-list celebrities.

    I award this round to Carvel. Well played!

    • Hi Arlene,

      Great post! Yes, Carvel’s absolutely did the right thing! I think they should cut up the card, because of the abuse. They already extended it to the Lindsey family for six months without Lindsey or Ali being present. Carvel’s has gone over and above what was necessary and handled it professionally.

      I think they will also have more A-list celebrities showing up to pay for their ice cream privileges and show their support for Carvel’s.

  47. Who’s Ali Lohan? What has she done to acquire “celebrity” status?

    Well done, Carvel! Stand your ground!

  48. In what universe is Ali Lohan a celebrity?

  49. Honestly, I would like to see the 75 celebrities who got these cards use them to donate ice cream to their favorite local non-profit. I’m sure they can think of hundreds – shelters for victims of domestic violence, homeless shelters, the local VA, the local nursing home or rehab center, a children’s hospital, etc.

  50. Kudos to Carvel, this fiasco has elevated my desire to support you that much more… People like the Lohan’s deserve a Fudgy The Whale Cake smashed in their face!

    Count me in on repeat visits this summer for yummy treats and for being a stand up business.


  51. Seriously, Lohan called the police? If I were given a gift card and then had the retailer tell me it was unusable (which is a better case scenario than Lohans) I would just pay for the the item (good lord it was an ice cream cake) or if I couldn’t afford it, I would say thank you anyway and quietly walk away.

    How greedy do you have to be to pull a stunt like this? I had never heard of Carvel Ice Cream but I will now look for some to purchase. BTW I like the idea of her card going to a military family.

  52. Its about time someone stood up to these people. Im so tired if seeing celebrities treated like they are more than people. They’ve been blessed in this life with becoming famous, they gey paid more than any human should, and they get all these priveleges on top of it. After all that they go around thinking they can do or act any way they want. Actually Dina isnt even one of them shes just a user. Shes famous for being a terrible mother. BRAVO Carvel for being one of the only ones to stand up to these entitled clowns. Im a customer for life now!

  53. I have never before heard of Carvel ice cream (is this an east coast thing?) but I now love them for this. Whoever is in charge of your PR deserves a raise because this is awesome.

  54. Well, there ya go, it’s our own fault celebs act like gods. We’re the ones who put them on such ridiculously high pedestals and then they are up there so high that their brains don’t get any oxygen and they act like fools. They are way over paid anyway, don’t deserve ‘free’ advertising stuff anyway and companies shouldn’t give it to them. I think they get much better publicity when they give to needy families who can’t afford to take their children for a simple ice cream cone!!!!

  55. While Carvel has the attention of the blogosphere, I suggest that you take an even more positive step and start a free ice cream program that will benefit children’s hospitals, teen shelters, or foster care group homes. I’m not saying unlimited — but once a month, how about stopping by a couple places and bringing a few cakes as I’m sure there are birthdays that go uncelebrated…

    There are a lot of kids out there that may not be fallen Disney darlings with arrest warrants and SCRAM bracelets but they certainly have the potential to do a lot of amazing things, if they’re treated to a kind word or gesture every now and then. The coddled celebutard lifestyle is worlds away from how they live and I can’t think of kids more deserving, and who would be more grateful.

  56. Its a shame that Carvel would seek “celebrity status” by issuing these cards to celebrities. As so many other have said so well, it is average people who would appreciate this gift and do an excellent job of talking up the brand to their friends and families – which should be the point of any kind of promotion.

    What a shame….

  57. Carvel, you have nearly taken my mind off the oil spill. Kudos for doing something right. BTW, Fudgie the Whale’s Twitter feed is EPIC! I must say, the Carvel blog has an entirely different feel, but I find it enjoyable, not unlike the Cookie Puss cake.

  58. You guys have now made a lifelong Carvel customer out of me. Well done.

  59. Finally some one has balls. The Judge sure didn’t.

  60. Why did the police take YOUR property and give it back to someone who was not the designated card holder?

  61. What a bunch of whiners… Quit begging for free ice cream. There’s too many obese people already.

  62. I love how Carvel handled this situation and I love the “newsflash” informing everyone. Very classy!

    As a business owner myself, i KNOW how stiff like this can quickly add up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge franchise or a peeon small business like myself, loss is loss. People like Lohan & co and everyone else who abuses the system and costs the company more $ are the reason for price increases and such.. As an “Average Joe” you should feel offended by THEM… not the fact that Carvel gave out the cards to celebrities. They get free ice cream on Carvel’s dime. THAT, people… is ADVERTISING. There’s no huge difference between forking out free ice cream to celebs who will promote their store and paying a television network to run a commercial…

    Advertising.. not special treatment.
    I *wish* I could get celebrity endorsements!

  63. I praise you Carvel.
    these celebrities dont deserve nor NEED a freaken black card for free anything. Dina is not a celebrity!
    people with no money should get a break for a cake or something to celebrate not millionaires. sorry, its a lame ass deal. But I am glad you didnt give the B@#*% a cake.
    I cant stand this family now..they think they own the world and they can cry wolf to everything they dont get like a infant child having a tantrum. she shouldhave PAID FOR THE CAKE!

  64. In what universe is Ali Lohan a celebrity?

  65. I dig all the “you should not have given the card to a celeb you should have given it to me (general public the deserving, solider etc.)”posts.

  66. I’ll give you some credit for cutting off the Lohans, but tou ought to be ashamed of yourselves for giving out free things to people who can more than afford it in the first place.

  67. I had never heard of Carvel before – but I’m looking for a way to purchase from them now! Nice to see a company respond politely but firmly to this kind of absurdity. They can hold their corporate head high for this.

  68. Ali’s done a fair amount of print/web modeling, a movie, and had an internet single out that did fairly well. She’ll do at least more modeling in the future and likely more recording and some acting. No, she’s not a huge celebrity like Lindsay, but at least she’s done something that requires some work as opposed to heiresses like Paris Hilton, or people like the Kardashians or tons or reality stars like Gosselin or the Jersey Shore idiots.

    Also of note, Lindsay and Ali did not use their cards. It’s all their mother’s idiocy and obnoxious behavior. I don’t fault Ali for her mother, father, or sister’s behavior. She seems like a decent 16-year old girl.

  69. I love this story. Thank you for having the nerve to stand up to this family. I hope that employee was given a raise! I especially like how she called the police! Too funny. Dina Lohan is clearly a taker and cheap.

  70. Kudo’s to how you are handling the “controversy” with the Lohan’s. Dina Lohan was wrong — pure and simple. Whatever you do, please DON’T make up with her for good publicity, and don’t give her own Black card or some other gesture. She is a terrible role model for all mothers — and should be ashamed of herself over this incident and others that she and her miserable family continually get embroiled in.

  71. Haha. This is The Onion, right?

  72. What’s disturbing here is they chose only 75 Celebrities… and there were TWO Lohans in that list? Did an asteroid strike Hollywood? Ali Lohan? REALLY, Carvel?

  73. If I ever come across a Carvel shop, after reading this blog, I am definitely stopping in and getting ice cream. You guys rock!

  74. I thought these were only going to celebrities? How did the Lohans get one?

  75. I’m with everyone else disgusted that celebrities (Ali Lohan ?really?) get this card. Honestly I think the public is getting sick of the celebrity getting free rides.

  76. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. For everyone who disagreed with Carvel’s marketing plan, I suggest that you buy stock in Carvel, go to a shareholder meeting and voice your views on how a 75 year old company should market itself.

  78. I am going to eat ice-cream every day at your store for the rest of this summer! Thanks for standing up to the Lohan’s!

  79. Does anyone know the location of the store where the Lohan’s visited. I am going there to order ice cream and PERSONALLY shake the hand of the fellow who stood up to the Lohan’s!

  80. I give A LOT of credit to the employee who stood up to Dina, and to Carvel for backing this employee up. So many people, not only celebrities, try to take advantage of people, and many times treat employees like garbage. The customer is NOT always right. Dina called the cops on a a store employee for calling her out on stealing??? That is harrassment. I’m definitely a bigger fan of Carvel now. I wish more businesses demanded respect for their employees and their principles.

  81. The fact that Carvel allows this discussion thread to even occur on their company-sanctioned website is extremely admirable and ingenious.

    What other mainstream company would have the balls to do this?

    The first comment in this thread bashes Carvel for giving free ice cream to the rich in the first place….

    …And the comment hasn’t been deleted by an over-zealous employee!

    I actually respect that.

    By the way…. I am lower-middle-class and I would be too embarassed to use a card like this.

    “Ummmm… can I have some free ice cream?”

  82. Good for Carvel. If I used my Dads credit card I could be charged with fraud. Talk about mooching off your kids. The Lohan parents should have been brought up on child endangerment charges long ago. Now you can add fraud and impersonation to the list.

  83. Love ya, Carvel! So awsome calling out Dina Lohan! I’m going today to buy a Cookie Puss for my hubby and will be giving Carvel more of my business.

  84. Why do we reward those who already have? I have been eating Carvel for more than 30 years. No card for me? I see how it is. I say you’d get better business by giving back to the people who support you. Why wasn’t this card part of a contest?

    • Hi Robert –

      I totally agree! I wasn’t with Carvel when the celebrity campaign was launched, but it was more of a gimmicky thing to get Carvel’s 75th Anniversary in the news. Unfortunately, in today’s society tying your brand to celebrities is a pretty sure fire way to get free publicity.

      That being said, I have been working on a similar promotion for our true VIP fans since joining the company earlier this year. Details are set to go up on our website in the coming weeks, but we are basically awarding VIP status to 38 fans & the 38 people they think deserve it (in honor of our 76th year in business). Those 76 winners will get Carvel Diamond cards entitling them to $76.00 worth of Carvel goodies free to be purchased at their leisure.

      We thank you for your support & would love for you to apply!


      Ashley Swann

    • Hi Robert –

      Good idea! Check out during the month of September to find out how you, too, can become a Carvel VIP. We’ll be giving away Diamond Cards worth $76.00 (for our 76th year in business) to 25 fans and their 25 nominees.

      Thanks for your support!


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